Wild Root, is unlike most bands in the way it has formed, modulated and “grown” over the last few years. Wild Root was created by guitarist/vocalist Paul Fournier in 2013 on Anna Maria Island, FL with some close friends James Hershey (drums), Luke Wright (bass) and Justin Green (tenor saxophone). The band played some of their first shows at local live music spots like the unforgettable Dcoy Ducks located a stones throw away from The Gulf of Mexico, McCabe’s Irish Pub and The Lost Kangaroo Pub both located off Maine Street in downtown Bradenton, FL.“These local venues gave us our first voice. Some we still frequent to this day because of their appreciation. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for those people.” – Paul Fournier 

   What’s different about Wild Root is it’s message of growth through life experience and working with different people. This creates something that will always be fresh and always grow but will never forget it’s “roots”. Fournier, is the creator and songwriter for Wild Root and is still the driving force in keeping Wild Root’s name alive by inviting different musicians to share in the madness of performing his tunes on stage and in the studio. “Studio sessions are just the beginning of a songs life. These songs have a life of their own just like a human they grow with time, more experiences, and different perceptions that shape their entire reality. I love when performers take fitting creative liberties with a song’s material during a show or studio session. That’s what makes it even more fun”. You may get a different take on a song but you’ll always get a quality performance! As for genre… Wild Root is self classified as Hard Soul, which is a fusion of Soul, R&B, Funk, Jazz and Rock music. 

Wild Root /wīld//roo ot/ (noun)

 Where it Grows.. No One Knows…



Lead Guitar, Vocals

Paul is a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and drummer. He was born and raised in Bradenton, FL and was intruduced to music by his mother (Cynthia Fournier) who is also a vocalist and was a studio vocalist for hire back in the 1970’s. At age 12, Paul began playing drums and guitar in a local church then began studying jazz, rock, blues, funk, soul and R&B drums and guitar from 6th grade through college (2001-2011). Paul, started teaching drums and percussion at his local HIgh School from 2007-2012.  Paul, was accepted into the  Berklee College of Music for drums in 20011. Since then, he has traveled and performed in in the North East, playing drums for the Indie Underground band “Bother K” and working promotions at BB King Blue’s Club in New York City. Now, he leads the indie soul rock band Wild Root as a vocalist/guitarist.

“Paul Fournier is an eclectic musical force! This is a musician who could make a living playing just one instrument, but couldn’t help but stretch his pallet even further. Paul started out as a jazz drummer and marching percussionist. Then, he began playing acoustic guitar and singing in local churches while dabbling in his own home recordings of original songs. Now, he’s fronting successful soulful indie rock band, Wild Root, as a lead electric guitarist/vocalist.” – Clive Shorter